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(Homo sapiens amens)
Intelligent mutants with dangerous creativity.

Avg. Height: M - 5'11" F - 5'9"
Avg. Weight: M - 200# F - 165#

Hair Color: Brown, black, blonde, red
Eye Color: Brown, hazel, blue, green

Blood Pressure: 160/100
Life Expectancy: 35 years

Dist. Marks: Large build, facial tics, twitching, erratic behavior

Psychos are wildly creative and immensely unpredictable. Likewise, their minds are capable of unpredictable effects on the minds and bodies of others.

Since they share some genetic background with their GOTH ancestors, psychos are technically considered GOTHs, but their closest cousins are definitely savants, with whom they share their ability to alter the body's electrical fields. However, due to the fact that their mothers are human and not savant, their capabilities are somewhat mutated and uncontrollable. In a best case scenario, this inability to control even their own minds and bodies often leaves psychos as overly emotional, reactive and somewhat dangerous individuals. At their worst, they become mentally unstable and withdraw (or are removed from) society. Perhaps fortunately, psychos are among the least populous of the non-human genotypes, with around 2 to 3,000 of them alive today, many residing permanently in asylums or prisons.

Like their close cousins, psychos have an enanced central nervous system (CNS) which operates at roughly 100 times the efficiency and speed of a normal human nervous system. However, while this is limited to only muscular and touch-sense nerves in other genotypes, almost all of the psycho's nerve pathways are so enhanced, including nerve fibers that carry sensations such as itch, temperature and pain. The most obvious problem here is that psychos lack the ability to diminish or eliminate such sensations, and so they are almost constantly suffering from some sort of physical pain (from headaches to shooting pains in the arms to cramps). Another related problem is a low tolerance for neurotoxins, toxic substances with selective actions on the nervous system including everything from spider venom and snake toxin to insecticides and weed killers; even trace amounts of such materials can be extremely harmful or lethal.

A secondary "brain stem" at the base of the psycho's spine (also known as a "booster") gives psychos the ability to affect the central nervous systems of themselves and other individuals. This is done not through some magical or psychic ability, but through the simple manipulation of the electrical charges flowing through the CNS. The basic process is simple in concept--the psycho generates an intention in his or her brain, which travels down the spinal cord to the booster. If the effect is desired within the psycho's own body, the normal path is chosen, and the psycho can affect him or herself in even dramatic ways, everything from temporarily ignoring incoming trauma, to stopping and starting the beating of their own hearts. If the target is external, the booster filters the signal externally to another person (or persons), where the psycho's signal overrides normal signals. Since emotions are a function of electrochemical responses, psychos can easily perceive and affect these, causing anger, fear, etc. They can also manipulate a great many physical reactions, causing dizziness, cramps and other such reactions. In all cases, while their "booster" does increase the signal to make it strong enough to transmit to another's body, broadcasts tend to "leak" and disperse, and all signals travel much more efficiently if transmitted via touch. Since it is easier for psychos to physically pass the charge from nerve ending to nerve ending, many tend to be rather "touchy-feely" and interested in close contact.

In psychos, the "booster" is also somewhat underdeveloped, leading to an inability of the booster to effectively filter out signals from the brain. This is coupled with the fact that many of the axons and nerve pathways connecting their "booster" to the spinal column do not grow properly, fuse together or fail to grow at all. This means that many of a psycho's "nerve pathways" may dead-end or cross one another, leading to a great many "misfires" in the CNS. The net result is that when trying to manipulate the electrochemical energy in the CNS, be it that in the psycho's own body or someone else's, the psycho is far less capable of controlling the results. At times, a psycho may fall victim to an impulse intended for another, or could even spread an effect among random passers-by. In a crowded room, this could be devastating if the psycho was attempting to cause muscle spasms, or temporary blindness, or a heart attack.

Without benefit of proper filtering, psychos are constantly bombarded with what their brains perceive as bits and pieces of conversations, hallucinations, images, voices in their heads, and so on, as their booster receives all these impulses at random and tries to interpret them. Ultimately, it becomes difficult to determine what is real and what is not, especially in a crowded city filled with millions of minds and billions of electrochemical firings every second, and it can be hard to determine where one's own mind begins and the minds of a hundred other people end. The psycho might suddenly twitch his arm spasmodically, not because he wanted to, but because around the block, someone got his arm jostled and the psycho's body received that signal and reacted to it. Likewise, the psycho who spills hot coffee on his lap might not even notice, his booster instead sending the pain signal to the guy two tables over.

This random input makes it extremely difficult for psychos to think linearly, and making plans to meet them somewhere is a futile task, at best. It's not that they're stupid, insane or forgetful, but just that they have so much other "stuff" to deal with that any plans they made earlier tend to drift into the background noise. This is exacerbated by the fact that a psycho's brain has a hyper-efficient right lobe, containing billions more neurons than a normal human. This tends to make psychos even more distinctly "right-brained", creative to the point of annoyance and far superior when it comes to making creative leaps and generating original ideas (not to mention making them significantly more likely to be left-handed). Spouting ideas as fast as they come, and operating on a creative level far beyond normal, only other psychos can truly appreciate psycho art, humor and creativity; while other artists can pick a color from their box of crayons, the psycho has all 128 colors crammed in his fists at the same time (and likely a few in his mouth too). This incredible creativity also makes psychos brilliant strategists and tacticians, all that constant input forcing the psycho's brain to make new connections between seemingly random things. A psycho could easily plot military strategies given snippets of data and weather charts, or could see every possible ending to a chess game simultaneously after every single move was made.

This is not to say that psychos are never wrong; when they fail, the blunder badly, but when they succeed they succeed brilliantly and in unthinkable ways. When they do succeed, many psychos will attribute the success to "their Voice." Whether this little "Voice" is actually the psycho's own mind or merely some sort of unconscious coping mechanism is up for debate; the important thing is that in a world full of voices and thoughts and echoes, one particular "Voice" seems loudest, and whether or not it's the psycho's own is immaterial to them. While the voice might tell the psycho to paint his name on a wall, or run around naked, or commit a series of horrible murders, in the end it's a direction to follow, and psychos usually choose to follow it.

As might be expected, psychos are often incapable of dealing with society unless they are heavily sedated or on a behavior control drug such as Lithium Dycarbonate (which is very expensive). Because their nervous system is constantly getting false readings, they will sometimes blurt out things at random, spasm uncontrollably, drool, or even lose control of other bodily functions, all of which make them not a lot of fun at a party. Those with better control can hide their nature for short periods of time, but over time their appearance and behavior inevitably degrades. Any expensive clothes they purchase are usually lost, torn to shreds or covered in filth within a few days, and hair and skin typically become filthy if they don't have someone to care for them, and haven't yet found their "Voice."

Since psychos are also almost constantly feeling pain from everything, they eventually build up a tolerance to it. Coupled with hyperactivity and hormonal swings, this can lead many to seek out bizarre ways to feed a growing need for pain and stimulation, causing some to pierce themselves in odd places or practice ritual scarring. It is this pain which also leads to a psycho's often remarkable physical ability, since the constant presence of pain in its many forms means that a psycho's body is on a constant adrenaline rush. Not only does the adrenaline itself dull pain and give them an additional physical boost, but it also keeps them awake at night, causing them to be more physically active than savants and many other genotypes. Cleaning the apartment at 4 in the morning, jogging at noon, working out at lunch, dancing into the night: anything to keep the muscles moving and the adrenaline flowing.

As has been mentioned, many psychos eventually drive themselves right into prison or an asylum, and those that remain free typically have a hard time holding down any occupation, or having any concrete motivations or drives, leading them to become virtual outcasts no matter where they go. Those who truly understand what they are capable of often hire them on as strategists and tacticians, and the particularly patient see that they make brilliant teachers and philosophers, capable of leaps of thinking far beyond those of normal huamns. For better or worse, whether pondering the mysteries of life or carving a trail of blood through a city's underbelly, psychos are certainly the most creative individuals on the planet.


Music: Nick Cave "Murder Ballads" nin "Ringfinger" Metallica "Sanitarium"

Stories: "Silence of the Lambs," "Seven"

Quote: "Self-knowledge is a dangerous thing, tending to make a man shallow or insane." --Karl Shapiro

* Higher than average Mental Mutation.
* Below average Physical Endurance & Strength.

* Psychos possess some of the most powerful mental powers of any genotype.
* An unpredictable creativity keeps people guessing.

* Psychos are more susceptible to bouts of mental illness than other genotypes, and many go completely insane.

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