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Iconoclast -- RPG

The Iconoclast RPG consists of two main components. The first of these is the Iconoclast World itself, described, as one might expect, in the World section of this website. The game engine, called F.O.R.G.E (Flexible Optimized Role-playing Game Engine), or FORGE for short, is the second of those aspects, and it's information on that engine that you'll find here in the Game secton.

Attempting to pin a definitive set of rules to a reality-based system is a truly Sisyphean task. Life is filled with exceptions to rules, and any system which proclaims to be truly all-inclusive needs more room for the exceptions than it does for the rules; try to solve every one of life's challenges with the roll of a dodecahedron, and you wind up needing several hundred charts which require you to add the square root of the sum of your attributes to the die roll in order to generate a final score.

FORGE doesn't claim to have all the answers. But then, it doesn't need to have all the answers. Because you do.

The rules you'll find in the following pages are merely the backbone of a system which you will ultimately flesh out for yourself. This may be our Frankenstein monster, but you're the one with the brain that can bring it to life. These are not "rules" so much as "strict guidelines." If any bit of game mechanic doesn't serve the purpose of the game, ignore it. Fun first, rules second. You die when you want to, not when the dice tell you to. In short, Iconoclast is a world, not a dice game. So enjoy the world - the rest is just details.

F.O.R.G.E. is not related in any way to the Forge: Out of Chaos RPG System.

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